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The cannabis scientists at Space Monkey Meds have been working hard to perfect this extra powerful Blackjack flower and kief preroll.  will leave you relaxed without gluing you to the couch.

After their many years of growing, Space Monkey Meds is proud to offer a varied selection of cannabis flower for patients and collectives to explore. Their bestselling strain is their Grateful Breath, with genetics hailing from Gage Green Genetics. Grateful Breath’s Indica heritage stems from their best phenotype of their OGKB and offers a highly medicating, enjoyable experience.

One strain was created by Sweet Seeds, and is a cross between two Sensi Seeds parents — the mostly indica, Afghani landrace-derived Black Domina and the more balanced Jack Herer. black jack space monke meds

This latter Blackjack is a cross between Black Domina and Jock Horror, Nirvana’s own spin on Jack Herer, which is sativa-dominant cross between staple strains Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. The THC composition of these Black Jacks cumulatively ranges between 15% and 25%. Order Black Jack Marijuana Online

Both varieties are very sticky and difficult to break up by hand. Buy Black Jack Marijuana Online


Both Black Jack strains smell and taste of wood and pine, but the Sweet Seeds type carries over the distinctive floral smell of its Jack Herer parent, with fresh grapefruit balanced out by some musk and tobacco. Nirvana’s variety, while similar, may also have a hint of berries.

Both taste sweets and slightly creamy or malted on the exhale.Shop Black jack Kush

As it progresses, the effects are generally uplifting, anxiety-reducing and depression-relieving.

Sweet Seeds’ Black Jack is appropriate for daytime use for users looking to complement daily activities or possibly exercise routines. black jack space monke meds

Nirvana’s Black Jack has many of these same properties, but coupled with a nice bodily effect, often described as relaxing. Order Black Jack Marijuana Online

The strong pull of this strain may slow users down, but will not necessarily lead to immobilizing couchlock.Because of the possibility of couchlock and this strain’s other disorienting effects, it is recommended for evening or nighttime usage, as a social lubricant or an individual sleep aid.  Order Black Jack Marijuana Online, Buy Black Jack Marijuana Online


Sweet Seeds’ Black Jack flowers in just eight to nine weeks indoors. Nirvana’s Blackjack, on the other hand, requires between nine and eleven weeks to flower.

Both Sweet Seeds and Nirvana sell packaged seeds of their proprietary Black Jack varieties online

Independent of their producers or genetic differences, the Black Jack strains are unique in their boldness.Shop Black jack Kush

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