King Tut

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King Tut won’t overwhelm beginning breeders. It grows in a compact formation that favors heavy, dense branches. It takes around 60 days to flower, at which point you’ll have a high yield of buds frosted with crystals. If you let King Tut flourish outside, its thick branches will net you around a 1,500-gram yield per plant.

Those looking for a strain that retains CBD should know that King Tut doesn’t have well-documented numbers, though they hover around 2%. The high of the King Tut strain will suck you into your own mind, encouraging peppy energy and tons of talking. If you have a social gathering coming up or a long day of errands ahead of you, you can use King Tut to give yourself the edge. It’ll get you giggly and talking, as well as flourishing in creativity. So you can use King Tut to give yourself an artistic boost too.

As for medicinal purposes, King Tut’s terpene profile favors inflammation-reduction. You can treat pain, stress, and depression as well. As you smoke it, King Tut gives off an aroma of fruity, flowery goodness with an aftertaste that’s skunky and kind of sour. There’s a tone of citrus underneath as well.

The young pharaoh named King Tut is Egypt’s most well-known ancient ruler due to how rarely preserved his burial site was when we discovered it. The King Tut strain may not be as rare but it’s still shrouded in some mystery owing to its somewhat unknown lineage. Those who grow it love how forgiving its dense branch formation is. Those who use it do so to give themselves a spark of energy on a busy day, for a social occasion, or to get their creativity flowing. King Tut may be long dead, but he still makes a pretty great party companion.

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Oz (28g), Qp (113g), Hp (226g), Lb (452g)


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