Strawberry haze

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When you want an uplifting high without being filled with too much energy, consider this gal. Most users describe that they’re initially filled with a strong sense of euphoria and energy that tends to even out after a period of time. Depending on your tolerance you might be overcome with giggles or could simply find a renewed sense of focus that helps you complete some long-forgotten tasks. On the physical side of things, it’s reported that Strawberry Haze feels as if you’re covered with a warm and fuzzy blanket.

Unlike many other hybrid strains, Strawberry Haze tends to clock in with about 1% CBD, making her a great choice for treating medical ailments. Many have reported that this strain is helpful when dealing with anxiety and depression and may also help to relieve symptoms of ADD or ADHD. A few tokes of Strawberry Haze may also ease bodily pain including migraines, muscle cramps, joint pain, and more. It’s recommended that you take it easy with this strain as her tasty flavors might make you want to overindulge.

Seeds of Strawberry Haze might be difficult to come by, so don’t be surprised if growing her yourself never comes to fruition. If you do have the opportunity, however, you’ll likely excel as this plant is pretty easy to rear. Inside she can be kept small, yet with room to grow outdoors, you could see heights that reach nearly 9 feet. Allow her at least 10 weeks to mature before you reap your harvest.

Residents of California, Colorado, and Washington are likely the only people who will ever really have access to Strawberry Haze as Arjan isn’t exactly making her widely available. If you’re lucky enough to purchase some, savor her to the fullest and prepare for a flavor experience like none other. Strawberry Haze makes for a great daytime strain when you have a busy workday or you want to heighten your weekend plans.

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Oz (28g), Qp (113g), Hp (226g), Lb (452g)


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